Thursday, April 12th

HaldeCraft assistant action shotThey’d be helping a lot more if they actually got along, and didn’t hiss at each other every time they looked around. Well, Fat Cat hisses. Tiny Kitten just looks through the slit of her eyes, and every time Brindle turns around she swats her one and then immediately shuts her eyes again as if “I’ve been sleeping! Wasn’t me! Lalalala!”




I got most of what was on my list yesterday, finished. Today will see more of the same, only firing the kiln instead of working on ceramics. I started it a bit over an hour ago when I woke up, and started the crock pots to heating so I should be able to start dyeing yarn by the time I’m done with this post. I’m looking at having a productive day in Chez HaldeCraft, and let’s all knock on wood that I didn’t just jinx myself in saying that.

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