Friday, February 10th (I find your lack of Star Wars toys disturbing)

Bring me a drink, R2!My service droid will now commence with the flinging of the lightsaber!

OK, so for this semi-super-secret-project that will be announced next week even though I’ve hinted at it here and a lot of y’all know about it already, I need a butt-load of Star Wars toys. Which I don’t have, because The StepMonster (TM) threw them all out, yadda yadda, we all know how that goes. So, hey! Excuse to buy a bunch of Star Wars toys! Well that doesn’t suck!

Except it does, because have you seen the selection of Star Wars toys in this town? It’s as if millions of toys suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. Seriously, the choice in this town rots.

Leaving aside the $9 each, which wouldn’t be so bad except that my list is 15 characters long, most everything is the “new” Star Wars, and both personally and for reasons of this project, I am an Old Star Wars geek. So I picked up a Darth Vader, a Storm Trooper, and this hella cute drink server R2. This was after going three different places. I was going to hit ToysRus too, but didn’t have it in me… I came home and searched online instead. I’m glad I did that, because even though I wound up spending a lot of money on shipping, I was able to get exactly what I wanted for not a lot of money per toy — including a Slave Princess Leia and a Sir Alec Guinness Obi-Wan, which were two of the “must haves” on my list.

I am still looking for a Death Star and a Forest Moon of Endor (I did pick up an Ewok, but won’t use it unless I have to) so if any of my friends have something that is not broken, and not still in a blister pack….? I’d need to borrow it ASAP through the beginning of May. Just putting that out there in the universe.

OK. Busy day ahead. Carpe R2!

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    1. Thanks, but — I’ve had a couple people say “oh, I have XXX in a Lego!” or “I have X in a 4″ and Y in a 12″ figure!” but for the purposes of what I’m doing, I really want everything to match as much as possible. Like, if I went with the one Pez dispenser, I’d need for everything to be in a Pez dispenser. Does that make sense…? I saw some doofy little pod-racing type things, and one has the Death Star and one has Naboo (which I might call “Endor” for the purposes of what I’m doing)… I might go with those and pitch the pod racing parts, but… erm. Still not sold on the idea. Gah. Stupid perfectionistic brain!

    1. I thought about that, but worried that I’d go nuts and spend more, just because of the most awesome things that would be in front of me. I mean, sure; I don’t NEED a “Darth Tater” Mr. Potato Head for this… but could I stop myself from buying one when confronted with its evil cuteness…?

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