Monday, February 13th (and Teaser #2)

These aren't the yarns we're looking for.

The title of this one is “These aren’t the yarns we’re looking for” only… get it? It’s a Jedi mind trick! They actually are the yarns he’s looking for! Get it?! (sigh)

My search for Star Wars toys for this project is coming along nicely. My Sir Alec Guinness as Obi-Wan came in the mail yesterday, and when I tore it out of the blister pack I’m sure that there was a great disturbance in the Force, as if a million collectors all cried out at once. As an aside, it was kind of funny. I stood there holding it, and finally Tim was all, “do you want me to open that for you?” Heh. Collecting runs deep in this one!

Anyway. I’m hoping to reveal my secret on Friday, and hopefully the teasers are making some of you interested! And if not interested, at least entertained.

In other news, what did I do yesterday….? Dyed some yarn, even though it was soap-making day. Made soap, too, and am making a little more this morning. Started to watch The Fades after dinner (and if you aren’t watching this, and you like comedy-horror, you need to be!) but we appear to have missed an episode (sometimes our DVR has a mind of its own) so we watched… er…. WTF did we watch? Obviously something that stuck with me. Der. Something not as good as The Fades.

OK; signing off now, as Tuesday I knock off work early to meet friends for knitting, and I have a lot to do today (like getting February sock club in the mail – what – how did I just slip that into the conversation?!).

PS. Bifocals? Still kind of learning how to use them. I have no problems whatsoever with moving my head side to side for looking instead of moving my eyes – finally, years of back and neck problems pay off! I’ve been turning to look at things for ten years! HAH~! But I am having to learn to look up and down with my eyes, instead of up and down with my head. As a life-long crafter, I am used to moving my head down to look at what I’m working on; and if I do that with the bifocals then I’m looking through the “far” part of my glasses and then can’t see when I look back up. So. Small learning curve. But it’s all good. I can see when I drive, now! Wheeeee!

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