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  1. I think about going to sleep! On the rare night when I’m having trouble getting to sleep, I will get out of bed, make a cup of Sleepytime tea and watch “Real Housewives of _______” until I’m bored stiff (1.25 episodes usually). Works every time.

  2. Honestly it depends on what time it is, and how hard I’ve woken up. Like, if it’s 4 or 5 AM and it’s one of those “I AM SO AWAKE I DON’T EVEN NEED COFFEE OMGWTFBBQ” then I will just get up. I know from experience nothing I do when I feel that way is going to get me back to sleep, so screw it. If it’s earlier than that and/or it’s just a bad dream and I’m reasonably sure my brain is willing to drift back off, I’ll think about movies or books I’ve read and try to start from the beginning of whatever the first story is that comes to mind and I’ll go through it scene by scene until I fall back to sleep.

  3. What usually works for me is to take a deep breath, counting, then take twice as long to release the breath. If I wake up with my mind racing and Joe’s already up (he’s a very early riser), I’ll turn on the radio to NPR and listen to people talking. That almost always knocks me right back out, though it does lead to some strange dreams sometimes. If the half hour of Spanish news comes on Saturday morning, I’ll stay awake listening hard, so that doesn’t work. The breathing trick works better than anything.

  4. Yeah, if can’t sleep it’s because I’m fussing about work.

    I usually try to concentrate on my breathing instead of my hamster on a wheel thoughts. Try to breathe deeper and slower until I can get sleepy.

    Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Depends on how farked work is really. 😉

    1. I think about my day, the following day, everything I have to get done, how am I going to get it all done, all the usual.

      As for getting back to sleep, if I can’t get the worries out of my mind then it’s iPod♥ time.

      Right now, it’s a James Taylor playlist that soothes my racing mind to sleep, it’s racing with a couple hundred things I need to add to my already ‘too tall’ pile of lists. Gah.

      Either that or it’s a kd lang, jane siberry, madeleine peyroux, bonnie raitt, jamie cullum playlist. I go between the two and they usually work unless I decide I’m just ‘too awake’ and I get up and do housework.

      A good trick someone taught me that works pretty much every time is that you can’t sleep if your eye muscles are all tight – and mine usually are. So, look at a light in the distance (no, *don’t* go through the tunnel *to* the light, the gap in the curtains will do just fine!) for a couple seconds, close your eyes for the same length of time, lather, rinse, repeat. I deep breathe at the same time, letting my eyes close for longer and longer each time and then I’m asleep. Yay!

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