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  1. My parents taught me budgeting and working for my spending money from the time I was very young. When I got an allowance, it was broken up into different envelopes. I had my tithe envelope because we believe that 10% goes to God. The rest got split equally into 3 separate envelopes: Fast cash, short term, long term. Fast cash was candy and toys. Short term was bigger things like presents for Christmas and when I bought my first parrot. Long term was for big future things like college and a car. When I actually had to live on my own and had my own income the budget was more complicated but translated well into the idea of keeping different accounts, limiting spending, and intentionally keeping some of every paycheck for savings.
    I was even able to live one month behind my paycheck after a couple months of starting my job, just in case something happened to my job. (That means that I was never counting on my next paycheck to pay bills because I was spending the money from the previous month. A policy that many of my co-workers lacked and thus got screwed over by our employer’s inability to consistently pay correct amount the correct day.)

  2. Put things back where you found them.
    If you invite someone to something, be prepared to pay to pay for them.
    It doesn’t matter if people are black, white, green or polka-dotted, how they look doesn’t matter; it’s who they are that matters.
    Mind your manners.

  3. Never trust anyone over 30.
    Finish what you start. (hahahahahahahah)
    Do the best you can.
    Nothing is as satisfying as reading a good book.

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