Monday, February 6th

A bath before bedtimeMoya is a compulsive licker. Sometimes she will bathe herself or one of the other cats for 15-20 minutes. Or me, if I’ll hold still – although we joke that she’s not grooming me, she’s tasting me for later. If I fall down and knock myself unconscious, and when I wake up there’s a bite taken out of me? It’ll be this one.

I took this photo right before heading off to sleep. I thought about six other times yesterday of taking a photo, but I spent a good portion of the day dyeing up some test skeins for a semi-secret project debuting May the Fourth (“Knit the Kesel Run in less than twelve parsecs!”) so I can’t really show them off. I may do teaser photos later, in black and white (especially if I offer any pre-orders) but until then I am mum on the colors. Well. Other than teasing y’all. Tease. Tease.

Yeah. That’s all I got this morning. Something about the overcast rainy weather is making me unmotivated. Well, that and that this cup of coffee’s gone cold, and needs a refresh. Mmmmm. Coffee.


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