Sunday, February 5th

Photo shoot outtakesAs you can see, Moya (“Tiny Kitten” even though she’s not quite so tiny any more) is a huuuuuuuge help when I’m photographing ceramics fresh out of the kiln.

Speaking of fresh out of the kiln, I had a good firing on Saturday. It would have been Friday, but I wasn’t quiiiite ready; some pieces went in still a little wet on Friday morning, and I wanted to give them more time to dry. So I fired on Saturday instead. And today, as soon as I run to the bank and the post office, I’m going to fire again! I am a machine. Oh, no, wait; if I’m a machine, can I make things by hand…?

Speaking of, I want to clarify… yesterday’s rant, while inspired by the conversation I had, wasn’t specifically about that person. It was about the situation; a situation, a conversation, that I find I have with people either about ceramics (since I do slipcasting instead of throwing) or about soap (since I do melt&pour instead of cold process) at least once a month. It’s tiring. I find narrow-mindedness and unwillingness to open a dialog tiring. It can be inspiring in the long run — last time I had a conversation with someone about soap, I was inspired to write this blog post, about which I’ve gotten much positive feedback. Perhaps I should do a similar one about ceramics. But mostly I find it tiring. I want to tell these people that I’m sorry that I don’t fit into their mold, I’m sorry that I’m not like them, I’m sorry they seem unwilling to accept that a viable craft can be found outside the specific way they do it. But “sorry” isn’t really the right word. It’s more… lo siento; I feel it. I feel it that what I do doesn’t fit into your view of how a craft should be done. I feel it that I’m not like you. But I’m not apologizing.

Fresh from the HaldeKilnSpeaking of ceramics, here’s what came out of the kiln yesterday. I’m pretty happy with most everything. One of the pumpkin spice bowls had a crack in it, so I guess I’m getting a new planter. And Jasper’s cup…. well, let’s just say that you’re seeing the pretty side. But that’ll be a new item in the shop soon (customization available for one’s own child — not all of them will say “Jasper” and have his birth date) and even though I borked this one on one side (new painting technique with a gel squeeze tube for writing) I’m mostly happy with it.

Gah. I have rambled enough — I need to run a few errands so I can get this kiln started.

You kids be good today!

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