Epcot in October

Are you ready for some food pr0n? Check out my finally-uploaded photos from the International Food & Wine festival at Epcot, where we went for my birthday —

[pictobrowser type=”flickr” albumID=”72157627893168272″]

There are 124 photos, most of them food, some of them food we liked so much that we bought more. I’ve tried, on the actual Flickr page for the photo, to indicate what country the food is from and what it is. The Flickr album is here, if you’d like to go directly there rather than look through the slide show above.

Tim ate most of the food, since my food allergies meant that the selection was pretty slim pickings for me; but then I did most of the drinking so I guess it evens out. Heh.

Anne, I think you will appreciate the tiltshift photos I took of the already miniature train set in Germany. I was giggling like a maniac the whole time I was taking the photos — I’m sure the people around me thought I was much more drunk than I actually was.

This wraps up my birthday vacation photos — Epcot here; our hotel; Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Hollywood Studios. And after looking at all these, I want to go again! When’s our next vacation, honey? Hmmm?

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  1. Oh my gods…there is sooo much more detail than I remember from 1989. Then again, there were a lot of us kids looking for some ‘merican food, as I recall.

    The Land is largely responsible for my love of gardening. Have to go borrow my parents’ soundtrack now… πŸ™‚

    1. To be fair, most of the food (I think everything but the churros) isn’t available year round – just during the Food & Wine festival. They put up booths all around The World Pavillion that represent countries that don’t already have sections there, and ply us with native foods and drinks. Mmmmm. Great. Now I’m hungry. πŸ˜‰

      PS. Listen to the land! LOL!

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