Thursday, January 12th

Serenity and MoyaOops. Totally spaced on taking a photo yesterday. Here’s a recent cute kitten picture to compensate! Serenity (the darker one) and Moya (AKA “Tiny Kitten”) in a rare moment of being both cute and quiet at the same time. Normally they are chasing each other around the house like lunatics.

Yesterday I had planned to wrap a metric ton of soap, but it turns out I don’t need to get it wrapped until about the 22nd, so I decided to put that off until next week. I wrapped a couple of trays of soap for eventual Etsy restocks, but then I also ran a couple of errands and straightened up a bit and took it easy. Then met friends for knitting in the evening. Good times!

Today? Already firing the kiln, and then the morning will be spent winding yarn, and the afternoon working on lotion. Lotion! Whee!

And today is Friday. Anyone have any wild and crazy weekend plans?

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