Monday, January 9th

Fwd: Snacktime!I’m kind of glad Tim took a sick day yesterday because I had on my schedule to fire the kiln and it wasn’t until it had been running for a couple hours that I found out I had all sorts of unexpected errands. Him being home meant I could safely leave without worrying about burning the house down in my absence (it’s never happened, but, you never know). The errand to the post office and grocery store was not unexpected. But today I want to get sock club out, which means putting the swag together, and when getting that together I found out I was out of … something I needed. Something that needed to be printed on paper too thick for my printer (I’ve tried it before and it was a mess). So it was off to the copy shop, where I stuck my head in the swank grocery next door and got a little snack of marinated mushrooms and a variety of stuffed olives. OMG, I could eat bowls of this every day.

Then it was back home, where I found out I wouldn’t have been able to print anyway, because my printer was out of yellow ink; and even though I wanted to print in b&w it’s one of those printers that has an existential crisis when out of one color and won’t print at all. And I needed to print labels for the sock club, so… off to the office supply store it was.


But then a friend came by later to pick up some soap she had ordered, so we got to hang out for a bit which was fun. And I got email from another friend who might come up for a day visit some time in the next couple of weeks, and that helped to balance the day out as well.

Tim is still sick, but he’s gone back to work today. He says he feels sicker when he stays home and rests, so he’s just going to go back into work and ignore the fact that he is sick.

OK; off to refill this coffee cup and get to work. On the docket today? Painting and glazing some bisque, and getting sock club packed up and in the mail. Sock club! Squee!

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