Disney Hollywood Studios, October 16th

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Insert standard “readers usually don’t show photos” line here.

The last day of our Disney vacation, we went to Hollywood Studios in the morning. It’s the park we visit the least (I think we’ve only been there maybe once before, or twice; and the last time it was still called Disney/MGM, so that should tell you how long it’s been!) but apparently it’s the park best known for the food — we tried to make lunch reservations at this Italian place, but they, and almost every other place there, was booked four months in advance. THE HELL?! We’ve got annual passes right now, I think we ought to be booking dinners there to help justify an Amy-and-Isaac road trip.

Anyway, we went on only a couple of rides, of the non-motion-sickness and non-abject-terror variety. The behind-the-scenes special effects ride was fun right up until the loud, fabulously-attired Russian mother and daughter next to me apparently didn’t know there was going to be water splashing and wound up in my lap. Aaaaaaaand, that was pretty much it. We had lunch in the commissary, walked around a bit more, had ice cream, and then came home. End of vacation! But not the end of the story, because I’ve been saving the photos of the reason we were there – the Epcot Food & Wine Festival – for last. Awwwww yeah.

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  1. When we went to Titusville (Kennedy Space Center) in 1988 – it was my first experience seeing Tibetan monks. But (secret confession): they awed me so much that my irc nickname six years later was Saffron (after their robes).

    That was apparently a popular name, though (as was Saffy – since AbFab was big around that time) – so I Babylon 5’d it to Saffenn. 🙂

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