Saturday, January 7th

Tiny Kitten "supervises"I cast on a new pair of socks yesterday with some Christmas yarn (thank you Laura) and it has some interesting construction (pattern from a book I also got for Christmas, thank you Sonya). Tiny Kitten clearly approves of my offering. So much so, in fact, that she slept with me last night (Tim is still on the couch with the Cough That Would Not End) and I woke up at about 3 in the morning with her obsessively licking my face. It was cute, but also a little creepy. Like she was… prepping me. Trying to make a marinade. I definitely don’t need to exfoliate this morning, her rough little tongue took care of that.

Yesterday I poured a few molds, cleaned enough greenware to pack the kiln… only broke two pieces, ones that I was unfortunately expecting to — those darn yarn bowls! Half the time I make them, the unsturdy piece that has the loop running under it breaks off. Honestly that’s why I haven’t been able to restock them sooner, from selling out in early December. I’ve made four of them, and two of them have broken. Sigh. NOTE: Unless you are another ceramicist, please do not offer me unsolicited advice on how to fix this. If you know nothing of ceramics you’re probably going to sound both pretentious and wrong, and if you do manage to hit upon the right advice I have probably already tried it.

I also cleaned both the ceramic studio and a bit of the dye bar. The dye bar is getting a little out of hand — I have boxes piled up in there with undyed yarn, soap base, lotion base and supplies… all new things! It’s exciting, but messy.

Surely I can talk about something other than work? I know! I know! Today my schedule consists of OFFICE THINGS, which means I look over my schedule for the next week, catch up on filing paperwork (sales tax is due, ugh), and on my schedule is to FINISH BLOGGING ABOUT OUR OCTOBER TRIP TO DISNEY. I know, right?! I bet you’d all thought I’d either forgotten I never finished, or forgotten I even went. Trust me, too, when I say I’d like to go again. Maybe just for the day? And spend the night at Amy and Isaac’s? Well, a girl can dream.

OK. More coffee. Shower. Breakfast. Disney photos. Paperwork.

How’s YOUR weekend going?

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