Friday, January 6th

So happy for Erin and Cindy.Last night I went to an art opening at Gallery 21; the show is called Entwined and it’s a joint show between my friends Cindy Steiler and Erin Curry. Both of them are incredibly talented artists, and if you have a chance you should definitely swing by the gallery (right next to The Hipp) and check out the show. It will be there until January 27th, so you have a couple of weeks.

Other than that, my day was spent (no surprise) working, if somewhat frustratingly. It’s good to know that I can have disaster days but still love what I do, though, right? Even if the floor didn’t need that beeswax as much as the lip balm did. Besides,it needed a good mopping, anyway. Sigh.

In emailing my designer yesterday about some things I need (my needs! It’s always about me!) I realized that I’m just not very happy with these 2-oz tubs I got for massage lotion. I need to stick with them because I bought 100 of them, and that’s not exactly money I can just throw in the trash. I mean, I love the tubs, but I don’t. They’re terribly twee, and 2 ounces is a lot; but the lid is about half the size of the tub and it deceptively makes the tubs look like they hold less than they do. Not to mention they’re only two inches wide, which is awfully tight for a label. But I’m thinking of an alternate plan, with maybe making the 2-oz tubs a sample size that I’ll sell as a set (as in, all five fragrances in one set) and then sell 4-oz tubs individually. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll sell them as 2-oz and see how well they do before investing in either more lotion, or more tubs, or whatever. Aren’t you thrilled to be on the inside of the planning process?

OK, it’s time for me to head off. I’ve already poured a couple molds this morning, and now I need to go spend the rest of the day in the studio cleaning greenware and getting ready to fire the kiln.

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