Thursday, January 5th

HaldeCraft at Wild Iris BooksThis is some of what I’ve been working on over the holidays — restocks for Wild Iris! I am super happy to say that they were selling out of soap almost as fast as I could bring it in (they’ve already even sold out of a number of things I brought in last week for restocks). I kind of feel like I’m winning the Oscar. “You like me! You really like me!

Really, locals, I can’t thank you enough. And don’t forget that I’m always happy to do custom orders for local people through Wild Iris just like I do through Etsy; you can place the order at Wild Iris (I have custom order sheets there so you can write down what you want) or if it’s something you’ll want eventually (like a favorite soap fragrance that I don’t offer there) contact me and I’ll be happy to start stocking what you want there.

That was pretty much my day yesterday. I wrapped soap from about 9 AM to 2PM (watched both The Quick and the Dead and Original Recipe Star Wars (Han shot first!) and then blogged about said soap, and then took said soap to Wild Iris (after going to both the post office and the bank). Then hung out and knit for a while. Came home, and Tim made a big salad for dinner. Knit some more (Jag, I finished your socks! I’ll get them in the mail next week!)

Yup. That was my day.

Do I know how to live, OR WHAT?!?!

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