Animal Kingdom, October 14th

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If you’re in a Reader, you probably won’t see the photos in the album above. Which, if you’re afraid of Safari animals, then you’re not missing much!

When we went to Disney a couple of months ago, one of the early morning perks for staying at a Disney hotel is being allowed in a different park an hour or so earlier than general admission (ah, the plebes!). I’ve always wanted to get on the Safari ride as early as possible in the day, to ensure the maximum number of animals out and about eating breakfast before the Florida heat and humidity gets to be too much. So this was a major score! My photos are full of lovely, golden morning sunlight, and close photos of wildebeests, giraffes, and rhinos. It was well worth getting up early go to do that. And as we were leaving, talking about what lunch we wanted from Epcot, other people were just coming in… so we totally missed the crowds as well!

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  1. Nice to see actual animals actually awake and alive. I was glad that Disney added this park with real creatures instead of only their animatrons. Not that the animatrons are bad, but real in a natural setting is enjoyable by people and animals.

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