How was the July Monthly Craft Market?


The July 2011 Monthly Craft Market

1. Great guitar and singing, 2. Group shot, 3. Group shot, 4. Group shot, 5. Live entertainment, 6. Group shot, 7. Group shot, 8. Kate, ready to show off, 9. HaldeSoap, 10. HaldeCraft HandDyed, 11. Cupcake in a Jar, 12. HaldeCraft, 13. HaldeSpun and goodies from the HaldeKiln, 14. Getting ready, 15. Cupcakes in a jar

The music was very entertaining this time; lots of variety. It was great to see everyone who came out, I saw a lot of old faces (not that they are old, I have just not seen them in a while) and familiar faces, and Laura and I had quite a number of laughs. I do wish that more people had been interested in the fabulous vegan, gluten-free cupcakes she made (especially since I’m the one who saw a photo of them online was all “OMG NOM YOU HAVE TO MAKE THESE OM NOM NOM.” If only Antony were in town! Sigh.

Overall I thought we had more walk-through traffic this time, although it did seem to come in waves with a few minutes here and there of nobody in the building but the vendors and people listening to the music. Speaking of the vendors, there were a lot of new faces this time! I wish I’d gotten around to say hello to everyone.

I’m already planning my August table, in which I’ll most likely have a bowl of Halloween-themed guest soaps. There was talk over on Google+ about bat molds, and I’ve thought about it and decided it’s NOT too late for me to grab those, so expect to see those in both the August craft market and on the website at about the same time!

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  1. I decided to keep my germs at home. I WILL make it one of these days. I’m very very sad about missing the cupcakes, and Sharshan informed me he’s out of soap.

    1. I’m sorry you’re feeling icky! Hopefully you are being taken care of? Your every need seen to? Maybe you didn’t even have to cook dinner yesterday? 😉

      We will have to rectify his soap emergency!

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