One of the things that excites me about HaldeCraft HandDyed is bringing in more one-shot colorways; every now and then I’m going to release a very limited colorway and when it sells out, it sells out. Having said that, let me introduce the first one! Dogwood is the name of the colorway — I have five in the base Andre (a Superwash Merino/Nylon blend sock yarn) and three in the base Octavia (another sock yarn, this one a Superwash BFL/Silk blend).

Dogwood in Andre Dogwood in Octavia

I will be debuting these at the upcoming July Craft Market (this Saturday, the 30th, from 1-5 at The Tabernacle). Any that don’t sell there will go up onto my Etsy site, and I’ll post about that if any of them make it that far.

This colorway was inspired by my beloved Dogwood tree in my front yard. It may not be the most prolific one in town, but I love it.



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