Counting down to Star Wars yarn

It's a TRAP!

I still have a few pre-orders available for the Star Wars yarn — through that listing you can pre-order three skeins of yarn (there are ten colors available) in two different bases (a sock weight and a worsted weight yarn). Pre-orders will ship around the first of May, to get your delivery in your hands close to May the Fourth.

I will be releasing, during the day on May the Fourth, all ten colorways (in both weights of yarn discussed above) in an extremely limited number. They will be first come and first served and once they’re gone, they’re gone…. in other words, the pre-order is the only way for you to guarantee that you get what you want. The pre-order is for three skeins of yarn, and fair warning — I will not be taking pre-orders for single skeins or taking custom requests once they are sold out!

Solid colors include:
Protocol Droid
There is no “try”
The Dark Side

Multi-colors include:
Astromech Droid
Aren’t you a little short?
It’s a TRAP!
Bounty Hunter
That’s no moon!
Slave Princess

Caught in the dilemma of there being ten colors, but even if you buy three sets of the listing linked to above, you’ll only get nine skeins of yarn? I’ve got your back — buy three listings (so, nine skeins of yarn) and I’ll throw in a tenth skein of yarn for free. That’s an entire set of all ten colors in sock. Or enough in worsted to make an afghan. Or six skeins of worsted, and four skeins of sock. Or two different colors of worsted, five skeins each. Or… hey, are you even still reading this?

Really want one, but only one? I’ll be releasing all ten colorways in single – *and limited* – listings on May 4th, 2012 (no pre-orders, no reservations, first come/first served). May the Fourth be with you!

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