HaldeCraft Sock Club (May – July 2012)

Earlier this week I mentioned that I’ve mailed out the March sock club, which is the last in the Winter 2012 club; and I’m already planning the next one which will run May – July of 2012.

This listing will be active until around April 27th, and I will add more slots if the ones I have listed now sell out (that’s one thing about Etsy — you can’t really do an “unlimted” option).

Sock club mosaic

Is there anything better than a sock club? Anything more exciting than a package of yarn showing up on your doorstep for three months? If there is, don’t tell me, because I’ll want to do that, too. I love sock yarn clubs — there’s that moment right before you open the package where you imagine that this yarn could be anything. It could be your favorite color. It could be that one base you’ve always wanted to work with. The possibilities are endless!

This is a three-month sock club. On or about the 10th of the month on May, June, and July of 2012, I will send you one skein of a colorway dyed specifically for this club. It might be semi-solid, it might be multi-colored, or it might be self-striping; it all depends on what I feel like dying that month.

People who have joined my previous clubs are aware of my usual rule – that I won’t make that colorway available for sale for six months. However, recently I’ve started a twist: only one of the three colors dyed will, after six months, be available for general sale… and that colorway will be chosen by the members of the club. I reserve the right to state that a color is off-limits for voting (for example, if I do a self-striping colorway, that will always be club-only). HOWEVER, club members may always ask for custom orders of any of the three colorways from their club, in any base yarn. So if I do a purple that you just absolutely have to have in Worsted, to knit a sweater…? If it’s not the color voted to be the one available for general sale, then you have to have been a member of the club that colorway was in to be able to order some.

HaldeCraft HandDyed in Sock

I understand that the colors I choose to dye may not wind up being your particular favorite; I ask that you not sell anything you don’t like until after the six month mark.

All the photos shown are either previous sock club colorways, or colorways that I dyed specifically for my shop.

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