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  1. I know I went to a few movies on dates, but I don’t remember what any of them were… certainly not the first one. Apparently the dates werent’ that memorable.

  2. The first one I remember going on a date to is Happy Gilmore with this kid named Billy. He actually turned out to be my first kiss too but since this all happened in the 7th/8th grade does it really count? The next movie date I remember took place in the summer between my junior and senior years of high school. We went and saw The Sixth Sense and the guy I went with I just happened to marry 7 years later! That date didn’t spark the relationship but it’s definitely one I’ll never forget!

  3. I wouldn’t really call this a date, because I was in middle school when this happened — but a friend of mine, who was in college (yeah, all my friends were older, I was too smart for people my own age) won tickets on the radio to go see Return of the Jedi on opening day. We’d met at a science fiction convention and he knew I’d love it because we talked all the time about the other two movies — so he asked me if I wanted to go. Like I said, not a date… but the first memory I have of going to a movie either outside of a science fiction convention or without a relative.

  4. I think the first movie I went to on a date was “The Virgin Spring,” with Unca Joe. Neither of us knew it was an uncut Swedish film with explicit sex and violence. We could hardly look at each other, we were so embarrassed, ages 15 and 17.

    I asked Rusty, and he said: The first movie I remember seeing “on a date” was “Frankenstein.” I had thought during my senior year of asking two or three girls for dates, but was always too afraid of refusal to do so. After I graduated from high school & was on the way to see “Frankenstein,” I decided to go by & ask this one girl if she would like to see it. Surprisingly, she said yes. Her first name was Florence.

  5. Didn’t really go on movie dates in high school, but Love and I had our first official date going out to see “Armageddon” which was very long and we had a very large Cherry Coke and I had to pee so bad by the end of the movie, I just wanted it to end. LOL

    (Obviously though, almost 13 years later, things worked out pretty well!!)

  6. It must have been ‘How the West was Won’. Probably with Cliff, the only boy I knew since I went to an all girls’ high school and wasn’t really allowed to know very many boys. He was the son of one of my father’s Ham Radio friends. Or maybe it was ‘Help’ with Ron.

  7. Cujo. And truly it did not bode well for that relationship. Nothing like 2 hours of a rabid dog circling a car to make you want to see other guys!

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