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  1. I’ve lightly touched a lot of the major religions, and a few of the more prominent minor ones. Considering I almost minored in Eastern Religions in college, I like to think it’s given me a healthy skepticism about all of them …

    The philosophy courses didn’t help the religious belief structures much, either.

    I’m Zen Christian, mainly – the Xtian part is a cultural holdover from my upbringing, and the Zen is what resonates best with the current state of my soul.

  2. I am familiar with many, admire individuals within a faith more than a faith, and practice none. I like Diwali, which celebrates the new year while reflecting on the past. I am in awe of the dedication Ramadan requires. I did it for one day, and can’t imagine a month of it.

  3. I’ve pretty much made up my own. The best I can describe it is the power of positive thinking. I picture myself in the best possible situation for me. It takes a lot of a sort of magic energy to maintain and doesn’t always work but when it does it is quite satisfying.

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