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Are you familiar with the beliefs of other spiritual traditions than the one you practice (if you practice any)? Is there one that particularly interests you?


  1. nakhira

    I’ve lightly touched a lot of the major religions, and a few of the more prominent minor ones. Considering I almost minored in Eastern Religions in college, I like to think it’s given me a healthy skepticism about all of them …

    The philosophy courses didn’t help the religious belief structures much, either.

    I’m Zen Christian, mainly – the Xtian part is a cultural holdover from my upbringing, and the Zen is what resonates best with the current state of my soul.

  2. Quinn Jones

    I am familiar with many, admire individuals within a faith more than a faith, and practice none. I like Diwali, which celebrates the new year while reflecting on the past. I am in awe of the dedication Ramadan requires. I did it for one day, and can’t imagine a month of it.

  3. Alice

    I’ve pretty much made up my own. The best I can describe it is the power of positive thinking. I picture myself in the best possible situation for me. It takes a lot of a sort of magic energy to maintain and doesn’t always work but when it does it is quite satisfying.

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