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  1. Yes! I went to Italy a few years ago – the Amalfi Coast. My father’s family may be from that area of Italy (I’m not entirely sure).

    I’m working on going to Ireland.

  2. Marginally….? I did a plane layover in Germany, so I’ve been there but haven’t actually put my foot down. I’ve flown over Ireland, so I’ve seen it from the sky. Never been to or, I think, over Switzerland. I’ve been to the same island that England is on, although I was in the Scotland part of it. And I live in the US, so that takes care of the Cherokee part. Swiss, German, English, Irish, and Cherokee. I am a true mutt and don’t really feel I can call myself myself anything but American.

  3. Have been to one of them. Visited Australia where my dad grew up back in 1999. Was blessed to be able to visit it WITH him and my mom, my husband, and all 3 of my brothers. We were even able to travel over to Rose Bay (outside Sydney) and see the house where my dad grew up. What a trip. Have long talked about trying to get to the Ukraine with my mom – not as easy a trip to plan believe it or not.

  4. Yes! I’ve been to Wales twice now, and to Scotland once (although I didn’t quite make it to the Isle of Mull, but I was only a few hours away). I’ve also been to Germany, but nowhere near where my ancestors lived.

  5. Why yes, I’ve been to Virginia. In fact, I live here. I don’t live in the same county as my family is from, but I’ve visited & still have family there.

    As my grandmother says when going through the family history, “Oh, and she was born in slavery times.” She can easily quote back to mid-1800s.

  6. Yes – to Scotland, my paternal homeland. No to the maternal side – that would involve England, Germany and one of the Cherokee nations, I’m not sure which.

    But I’ve been to 46 of the continental States – does that count for something?

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