Question of the Week – 2011/07/04

Family reunions! This is the first family reunion that I think I’ve ever been to. Have you ever been to one? Does your family have a lot of reunions? None? How are they managed? What are some of your memories of reunions?


  1. Alice

    No big formal, basketball playing, tents, or our very own Mass like the one you are currently enjoying. Most of the close relatives (grandparents, great aunts) lived close by. We always had big family dinners for all major holidays and birthdays. Even my great-great Aunt Katie was there when she’d visit the great aunts in the winter when it was too cold to stay in Colonial Beach, VA, her home. My cousin Bob was there when he lived with the great aunts. My grandparents even went on vacation with us most summers when we’d go up to Long Beach Island in NJ. So, you might say that we had many family events but not reunions as such.

  2. I only remember a couple, the last one being when I was 17. It was fun, but it was my mother’s extended, extended family and most of the people were like strangers to me.

    But hey, any excuse for a party, right?

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