Slightly worse for wear (but still great for use!)

I have some soaps that look a little injured – apparently I am not as adept at stacking my soap crates as I’d like to think I am. If you are interested in some slightly beat-up, but still fabulous soap, drop me a line! Normally these are $5.50 each (plus tax if you’re local); you can have them for the bargain price of $3/each, and I won’t even charge you tax or shipping! If you’re local, I will bring them to the Starbucks on the corner of NW 13th St & 16th Ave this Thursday (June 2nd – holy fuck, is it almost JUNE?! Who said that could happen?!) and cash is grand. If you’re not local, I take PayPal, and like I said I won’t even charge you shipping. Drop me a line if you’re interested and I’ll hold them for you or mail them to you!

Poor beat-up soapies


Grooved Bar/Frankincense & Myrrh/2 one left!
Grooved Bar/A Pirate’s Life/ 1
Grooved Bar/Gingersnap/1
Grooved Bar/Lost in the Woods/1
Sheridan Leaf/Cedar/1
Candy Canes/Christmas Morning/1
Cucumber Mint/Cattail & Dragonfly/1
Celtic Knot/Frankincense & Myrrh with apricot seed exfoliants/1

The only thing “wrong” with these bars is that they’re a little crunched (and I’ve tried to show all the crunchiness in the photo); other than that they’re perfectly fine!

Edited to add – all sold! Thanks, y’all!

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  1. If you really don’t mind shipping, I’ll take the Celtic Knot with exfoliants. Just let me know where to send the money via PayPal. πŸ™‚

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