Monthly Craft Market – May 2011

Through a fortunate series of events, about a month ago I found out about a woman trying to put together a monthly craft market in an old renovated church just down around the corner from my house (I still drove, I did have a lot of stuff with me…). I immediately jumped on board and am glad that I did because it turned out to be a very fun and profitable event for me! I took notes on what worked (or what I forgot, or didn’t work) and am already planning on what my table will look like next month. Big thanks to Laura for coming with me — it’s not like it was a huge scary event like the Spring Arts festival or anything, but it was really, really nice to have a second person there to help answer questions if I was already talking to someone, and to cover if I needed to run to the [very pretty] bathroom.

HaldeCraft at the May Monthly Craft Market

As luck would have it, Ginger and Holly and I were the first ones there — so I got to be right next to Holly’s booth, making it feel like home. Here’s a shot of Across the way, pretty much my vantage point for the day. Diagonally across from us I took this Group shot, only later finding out that was SassyCrafter (I did get a little fan girl over her clocks, and hope I didn’t sound like QUITE the dork…). There was Live music, sorry that’s the only one I got even though there were a couple different sets; and here is the Entertainment warming up before everything got started. Moving on to my table specifically (it is all about ME, right?!) we have A Flock of Virgins (I’ll be updating the Etsy page for that this afternoon); my HaldeCraft table as a whole, and then One side of my table and The other side of my table with my fabu friend Laura, who if things had gone badly would have been keeping me from crying and getting drunk later that night (as it was we giggled and knit and sold soap like soap-selling goddesses).

Thank you to everyone who came out and made the event so fun andย successful! Now… what are you doing the last Sunday of June…? ๐Ÿ™‚

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