So… how’s that house insurance thing going?

Oh, ow, I think my head just exploded.

So. I THOUGHT (hahahahah!) that I’d told you the whole story back in December; turns out there was a minor addendum last month that almost made me find a baby to punch in the face.

We had about a week to get all the vegetation away from the house. Including my ten-year-old rose vine. I’M NOT BITTER. Wait, YES I AM.

So… I don’t really know what to say. They told us to do it or they’d cancel the insurance. So we did it.

I am not denying that my yard needed some maintenance – I basically haven’t worked on it at all since opening the yarn store. So it’s not like this isn’t going to be a great opportunity to replant flowers in the Spring. But… it’s just the way we had to do it. I strongly dislike “do it or else” ultimatums. I’m not a child. I know it needs to be done. I know we live in a shithole, but… have you SEEN our neighborhood? We practically live in the ghetto! It’s not there’s a bunch of $500,000 mansions in the gated community and we’re bringing the prices down. Fuck. Also, it’s fucking FEBRUARY. We’ve had a number of unusual freezes (for our area) and practically everything in town, let alone our yard, is dead. Even the prettiest plants will look like shit when dead and brown.

Anyway. I’m still cranky about this. And I probably will be until about this time next month when we get a bunch of flowers.

MEANWHILE. Here’s a shitload of photos that I’ve taken over the years of our yard, both front and back. Here’s a direct link to the album in case you’re reading this in a Reader and don’t see the album below.

[pictobrowser type=”flickr” albumID=”72157625992229326″]

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  1. Ummmm, why did you have to tear out a rose vine? Wouldn’t that be considered normal landscaping? Sounds like a good case of “bullshit they has it”.

    1. I was planning on leaving it – but when I grabbed a clump of weeds close to it and thought I’d moved it out of the way, it turned out I hadn’t moved as much of it out of the way as I thought. So I just took down the rest of it. Well, no; I went inside and had a good cry since it seemed like NOTHING was going right that week, and asked Tim to just take out everything, that we’d start over in the spring.

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