Uncle Joe Update

Most of you remember September of 2009. We are finally wrapping that saga up with the reversal of Uncle Joe’s ileostomy – he had surgery on Thursday and everything seems to be going well.

Mostly copied and pasted from my Facebook page, for the benefit of the three of you not on FB (I don’t know why but it’s easier for me to write 420 characters there than it is here where space is unlimited; perhaps it’s easier for me to be brief and not get into the emotions of it there? Also lots of people can see and forward, and not so many people know about Snarkland.) ANYWAY. But first, two things that became jokes on Facebook – the name of the VA is “Malcolm Randall Veteran’s Hospital” which my geeky friends immediately dubbed “Malcolm Reynolds Veteran’s Hospital” because dudes, wouldn’t that be so much more cool?! And also my phone’s autocorrect changed “Unca” to “YMCA” which brought another long round of jokes. My friends have the funny!

Thursday – Unca Joe (YMCA, hah! Silly autocorrect!) is out of surgery and we’ve been in to see him. He’s loopy as all get out, but is totally fine – cracking jokes and flirting with the nurses. They did the surgery laproscopically (sp?) rather than having to cut him open, so recovery time will be greatly reduced. He should be home in just a few days! Thank you everyone for your support, well-wishes, and hugs! *smooches*

Friday – Talked to Aunt Gay; she said Uncle Joe is doing fine. He’s still got a couple tubes that he’s been pretty vocal about wanting to get rid of but seems to be in good spirits and coming around quickly. He may be out of ICU today; she’ll keep me posted. Her friend Sharon is with her, and only two people at a time can visit him so I’m hanging by the phone for news and updates (which I will of course share). Thanks, y’all!

Saturday morning – Whoot! Just got off the phone with Aunt Gay – Unca Joe is up, de-tubed, eating, and asking for his niece. So I’m off to Cap’n Tightpants VA in just a little bit. I’ll try to have some amusing autocorrects for everyone while I’m there!

Saturday evening – Spent morning with Unca Joe, still in ICU but doing well – things are moving along quickly. He has a small infection for which he is a carrier of, but not suffering from (he’s like Typhoid Mary, only he’s a guy, and it’s not Typhoid). But we all have to be gloved/robed, which brings on “two by two, hands of blue” jokes. At least from me. 😉 Then had a lovely lunch with Aunt Gay, also in great spirits! Thanks, y’all!

Now it’s Sunday morning and I’m spending the morning wrapping up a few things at home. I’m going to meet Aunt Gay and Barbara and Doris at the VA and we’re going to go to lunch, after which I will spend whatever I can of the afternoon hanging out with Unca Joe.

Hope everybody is having a great weekend!

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