My awesome husband; behold his awesomeness!

So, one day, I go to Tim and I say “I have a problem. Maybe you can help me fix it. It’s getting to the point with all this soap I’m making that I need something to store it in, as it’s already outgrown the card catalog. And it would be fabulous if it wasn’t what Alton Brown calls a uni-tasker; if what I store the soaps in could also be used as displays when/if I get into a craft show.” And I added that I kind of had an idea that it would be stackable, like this old Coca-Cola crate that I have some things stored in as a wall hanging. Only not can-sized. Soap-sized.

Behold what he designed and built —

Storage and display cases
Seven units in which the soap can be stood up on end, allowing for lots of soap. Also three units that are shorter, and have a glass cover, that can be used to show off unwrapped bars of soap so that people can see what designs I have to offer. You can’t tell from these pictures but the sides are actually taller than the inside, and each one fits nicely in and on top of the other so that they will stack neatly on top of each other (once the wood glue dries – clearly I was anxious to show these off!).

The whole stack, with cat-discouraging lid
Behold the stackatude! The handles on the three on the top don’t go all the way through as they are shorter; the “floor” of the box is almost even with the handle, so he made those grooved/inset rather than all the way open. He’s also going to cut a groove in that lid so that it fits down inside the top box, to keep it dust- (and cat-) free.

Soap! On! Display!
See how pretty that looks? I’m SO! EXCITED!!! We still need to either stain or paint the outside (the table saw was a little rough on the grain of the thin boards) and also either paint or woodburn my HaldeCraft logo onto them (hello, advertising space).

Did I mention adjustable width?
Did I mention that he cut grooves on the inside of every box to make the width of the sections adjustable? Good for skinny or fat bars! Each box should hold up to about 60 bars of soap, which is about 18 lbs or so, meaning that I will still be able to move each one individually by myself. And since they stack, I can move the whole lot of them with a dolly.

Three display cases
And this is what the display cases look like. I’m going to knit pretty backings for the soaps to be displayed upon, and/or use some of the lovely crocheted doilies my friend Marie has been making me.

I can’t even tell you how much this rocks. Tim rocks like a bit rocking thing that rocks a lot. Hey, he reads this blog! Everybody tell Tim how awesome he is!

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  1. Yep, pretty clever boy – whether you need a bean server, a cheese slicer or a moving wooden rabbit, Tim’s your guy. Pop looked the display cases over and thought they were pretty terrific, too. Good work, Tim. And you made Lore happy just in time for her birthday – bonus! Lore, thanks for showing us. Your soaps are sooo lovely in the cases – what a team you two make!

  2. Hey look! You are on a soapbox about a soapbox!!! hehehe
    Tim. Dude. That system is rad.
    Ever need a working vacation in sunny CA? You guys can come visit and you can make me a wooden leg while your lady and I can spin and knit and I can cook for y’all and and and and…you can stay here and we can go winery hopping in the Napa Valley or or or….

  3. Wow! These are fabulous! Talented boy, ahem, does he have any unmarried brothers that are also handy…. 😀

    Seriously, Tim, you are all kinds of awesome.

    What kind of knitted backgrounds do you have in mind?

    Just give me the dimensions and I’ll happily knit my ass through the mountain that I now call ‘deep stash’ to give you pretty backgrounds. Colours, yarns, have a look at my rav stash page and pick any you like.


  4. They look great! I wouldn’t paint them or even stain them. I think the bare wood looks more “handcrafted”. Just add a woodburned or similar logo. All the “natural” cosmetics and beauty supplies seem to be presented in natural wood or bamboo packaging.

  5. Lore- I share your awe with the coolness of Tim’s latest project and your soaps are so beautiful. Ive just found were John had stored some of your soap with sweaters and oh I just love your soap and knitting… who would have thought they would make such a perfect pair.
    I want my brother back! I could use his spacial and wood talents in my house too!!!

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