This Week in HaldeCraft

Technically it’s the last two weeks, because last weekend I didn’t have time to post this (we had a great time at Fiber-In, although I don’t think I’ve told you about it yet). Anyway, my offerings!

This week in HaldeCraft

1. All Mixed Up (Etsy page)
2. Jumbo blue mug (Etsy page)
3. Candy Corn skull (Etsy page)
4. Woodsmoke skull (Etsy page)
5. Dolphin “welcome” sign (Etsy page)
6. Wasabi on my brain (Etsy page)
7. Apples on my brain (Etsy page)
8. Pink compote (Etsy page)
9. Sweetgrass Southwest Bear (Etsy page)
10. Literary Soap Club: Volume One (Etsy page)
11. Gargoyle incense burner (Etsy page)
12. Literary Soap Club: Volume One (Etsy page)

And if I may toot my own horn for a moment about the literary soap club; I’m excited to be able to marry my love of being crafty with my love for literature. I have a lot of ideas for different installments of this kind of thing (hence calling it “volume one”, implying that there will be many more to follow) and while each installment may not appeal to everyone, I would appreciate it if the readers among you would look them over whenever I announce them, and give me your thoughts.

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