Dear June; WTF!?

Oh… June. I wish I could say I knew you well, but… what the fuck, dude. You moved on pretty quickly. I don’t think I’ve ever had a faster month. It all started when we announced the closing of the bricks-and-mortar portion of our yarn store; I also blogged about that here.

The the month got crazy.

The fun: We watched Jenn’s dog, Chloe, for about a week (I think everyone was sufficiently tired out). I finally fired the kiln for the first time this year. We had a great birthday party for my mom and Uncle Joe. We got KITTENS.

The bittersweet: We had the last Third Thursday Spinners at the yarn shop (thanks in part to TW, we’ll be moving that in July to Wild Iris Books). Later that week, we closed the yarn store. (Shameless plug, though, that we are still selling online, please buy yarn and soap, thanks!)

The crazy busy: Tim built a bookshelf in order to clear off a wall and to move these hutches out of my office. He also gutted our kitchen. And our dining room. I was really kind of pleased with the yarn I dyed for the June sock club; the worsted weight yarn I branched out into dyeing; and the sport weight. While I was dyeing and winding, Tim continued to work on our kitchen, and remodeled the dining room into a dye bar. Have I ever mentioned how completely fucking awesome my husband is? Because he is. Completely. Fucking. Awesome. (Shout out to Bill and Linda, for doing a darn fine job with that boy!). I took a metric ton of crap to Hospice Attic – having to reorganize the house made me ruthless in getting rid of stuff I’d been keeping around just in case we needed it. We moved antique furniture out of the shop and found places for it in our home (photos of that to come in the July recap, though).

The knitting: I finished one thing, and that was finished really on the first day of the month – meaning I knit most of it in May. Oh! Wait!  Two things. Not a lot of knitting time in June.

And… yeah. That was my month. How was your June?

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  1. Tim’s parents are all golly-gosh-giggly-proud about Lore’s praise of his awesomeness. (Well, Bill…not so much.) Tim did a good job in the wife-choosing department, too! Still wondering where that kitchen project is going and hoping for a finished photo (photo finish?). And wondering when MY kitchen will be done.

  2. June sucked. To the tune of $1,800 of car repairs. Getting us COMPLETELY behind on, oh, every single bill we have.

    June was total fail.

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