1. Please don’t be offended if you gave me any of these mugs; I have about 120 mugs, and due to things going on in the house, space-wise, I need to get that down to 60, tops. I have to be more ruthless than I’d otherwise want to be.

2. Mugs are $1 (one! one whole dollar!) if you live in Gainesville and can pick up at Hanks Yarn and Fiber before June 27th. If you’re not local, drop me a line, we’ll discuss shipping prices.

3. Clicking the photo will take you to my flickr page, wherein you can click to embiggen.

More random mugs

Chili pepper mugs; now with more fail!

4. I had massive fail with the chili pepper mugs – didn’t know that the red would flake off in the dishwasher. If you want these, I will continue the process of getting the red off before giving them to you.

More random mugs

5. As many mugs as this may seem to you, I’m almost done with what I’m willing to part with. The last will come tomorrow, and I think there’s only 5 or 6.

6. Anything not sold by June 30 will be going to Hospice Attic.

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    1. Think you can pick it up at Hanks Y&F between now and HAHAHAHAHAH I can’t believe I even started to type that with a straight face. It’s in my knitting bag! I’ll bring it to work tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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