How many posts can I title “Daily Unca Joe Update”?

Two emails from Aunt Gay today –

Mon.  9/28 Joe still has a high fever, though not as high as yesterday.  He’s off the cold bed again.  Still in ICU, still on the ventilator.  I hope to talk to some doctors today.  All other signs seem to be holding stable. He is responding to the nurses commands–“Squeeze my hand.  Open your eyes.”  I think they bring him up to almost consciousness, then let him go back down.

I may go to the zoo or a museum today to keep my head on straight.

Love, Gay

Followed later by:

Mon 9/28 4PM  None of the cultures that have come back so far show anything.  The infectious disease doc says it’s probably in his abdomen.  The surgeon agrees.  Meanwhile his temp is hovering at 102, lower than it has been, without the cold bed.  The surgeon will do another cat scan tomorrow.  He does not want to operate again if he can help it.  He says every day away from the original surgery is a good day.  Maybe Joe’ll fight it off with the antibiotics he has and his own tough self.

He was more alert today, knew my voice, closed his eyes when I asked him to.  I worry this means he’s not getting enough of the fun drugs.  They’ve reassured me that he is.

Because he clearly knew I was there, I’ve stuck close today instead of going off somewhere, though we did go to an ice cream parlor after lunch. Gay

Sigh. I wish I was there.

Playing guitar

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  1. WOW! That’s a picture I never say before! How great! I’m going to steal it!

    We love out Unca and Aunt. Glad to hear he’s more aware. Amazingly happy you are posting this. So blessed he has so many friends, prayers and well wishes.

    Pastor Rich and our group working on this end also. What a true blessing our Uncle is.

    Love you.


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