Not much new to report

From Aunt Gay’s daily email –

Tues 9/29 3PM.  Joe is still in ICU, still on the ventilator, still running a fever of about 102.  The consensus among the docs is that he doesn’t have an infection, he has an inflammation of the pancreas.  As far as I can tell, the plan is to keep all signs stable and wait it out.  This may be a very long wait, one doc told me.  So… one day at a time.  He knew I was there today, but he wasn’t agitated, thank goodness.  I can’t conveniently sit beside him–too much going on.  So my plan is to duck in and call the nurse often and get out and about while I can.

I went to lunch with Steve Leigh, Rusty and Joel Zakem.  Joel is the angel who has loaned me the apartment.  This evening Rusty and I will hang out with Becca Levin and pet the kitties while her hubby is playing darts with friends.

Thanks for all your good wishes.  We need them.  Love, Gay

I waffle between flipping out, and thinking that “no news is good news”. Not so much flipping out today, thanks to both a lovely birthday package from my mom (lots of pictures of giraffes for my birthday! And fresh Key Limes!) and some Valium so that I could handle going to the dentist. Never thought I’d be glad to go to the dentist.

Really a banjo

Get well soon, Unca Joe. I lost my dad; I lost Bill; I’m not really in the mood to lose you as well.

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