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I know I haven’t posted an update in a couple of days. It seems sort of pointless to say “READ THIS! NO CHANGES!” but on the other hand, if I’m not saying anything, are people worried? I mean, I’m worried. But I feel like I can’t say I’m worried — admitting that I’m worried seems akin to accusing the hospital staff of not being competent. But then not admitting that I’m worried makes me feel like perhaps I’m a sociopath with no feelings.



Wed. 9/30 update noon

Joe’s still about the same. However I just found out they’re trying to wean him off the respirator today. It’s a long process and may not work yet—that’s the way it usually goes. Not fun for him, but he’ll feel much better when it’s over. He’ll be able to complain.

I spent yesterday afternoon pulling fresh veggies from Becca’s wonderful garden. We made a huge pot of sauce with fresh tomatoes, eggplant parmesan with fresh eggplants, roasted fresh beets, fresh string beans, fresh herbs, mostly basil, and I learned to dig sweet potatoes. A very satisfying and centering evening. And cats to pet, too. Love, Gay

Thursday –

Thur. 10/1 11:30AM The pulmonary doc was very encouraging yesterday, telling me all signs were just a little better. Last night Joe’s fever was up above 104 again, though. Right now it’s 101. The same doc is still weaning him slowly from the ventilator, a small amount at a time. So far so good. He’s still critical but stable.

I went to dinner with the CFG (Cincinnati Fan Group) last night, 11 of us if I remember correctly. My friend from Gainesville Doris Nabors is coming in today, just for a couple of days, bringing hugs. It’ll be great to see her. Carolyn Doyle, who’s in culinary school, is bringing dinner tonight. One more day.

It does my heart good to know that Doris is stopping in on Aunt Gay.

Later on Thursday, in response to a call for flowers/cards/cookies –

I hesitate to inundate the ICU with cards or chocolate, though the nurses do love it when I bring things. Becca’s been supplying both shifts with homemade cookies and other folks have sent chocolate for me to bring in.

Cards would probably be okay. He can’t have flowers or anything else in the ICU, though cards do arrive. He’s at Bethesda North Hospital. He won’t see the cards for quite a while, though. But he will see them. Love, Gay

The mailing address is here, in case you missed it.

Earlier today –

Joe’s about the same, though they had to turn the respirator back up. He’s working too hard to breathe. This is not unusual. The doc will try again over the next few days, then do a trachiostomy if he can’t get off the machine. It’s temporary, he can be less sedated then and able to talk. His white cell count is down, his fever is at 101 and didn’t get high over night. He was (too) alert
just now, but I was able to talk to him and he understood. The nurse is giving him more medicine so he isn’t bothered by all the tubes down his throat, poor dear. It’s a waiting game. Love, Gay

The best aunt and uncle in the world

Aunt Gay got our plane tickets changed today, and rather than go to Boston for birthdays, we’ll be going to Cincinnati. Which is only a few hours from South Bend, and you know what that means– side trip! Nothing is set in stone yet, but we’ll probably run up for an overnight South Bend Drive-By on Friday/Saturday, and then back down to Cincy to celebrate my and Aunt Gay’s birthdays on Sunday. Also, Jag will be flying in from Boston for the weekend, to help celebrate and surround Uncle Joe with beautiful women.

I love my friends, my family. Framily?

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  1. Love that photo, Lore! We have a wonderful framily. My sister Wendi is coming in on Sunday for a couple of days. Joe had no change again today. They took a CT scan this morning. I’ll report after I’ve heard the results. Doris, Rusty and I treated ourselves with ice cream. Love, Aunt Gay

  2. Hi L. Was going to try and drive up with Aunt W. on Tues. but looks like she’s actualy going to fly out tomorrow and I can’t go. Give him an extra hug and kiss from me and Kevin? Be safe.

  3. Friends are the family you get to choose.
    And if you have good family, the friends get amalgamated into the family.
    Or vice versa. Whatever works …

  4. I’m glad the CT scan didn’t show anything to be additionally concerned about. I’m glad you will get to be with them for your birthday, and that you will get to drop by South Bend. I think about all of you each day.

  5. I’m glad the tickets got changed. It will be good for Gay to have you there to celebrate birthdays. And Joe, too, of course, if they let you have some time with him. Knowing you, you will get in to see him often and long regardless of their silly rules. And it will be good for you to be there and see what’s going on firsthand, relieving some of your worry.

  6. I’m glad that you will be able to make it up north. Isaac and I are thinking of you all and hope that news of improvement keeps coming.

  7. Personally, I think you’d all be much better of in Phil…err…Boston. Cincinnati has, what, chili going for it? I hope things have improved by the time you get there so you can all exchange big fish stories (though calling this stint the ‘forever ward’ came up on sff.net and it seems to almost fit, maybe?) I hope all the visits north are good and happy early womb-escape anniversary to both of you ladies…and best wishes to Joe.

  8. Aww, Hell.

    Warm wishes and finer feelings to the family Haldeman. Best wishes for a speedy (and relatively hassle free) recovery.

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