A tilt-shift day at Disney. ZOMFG, this hits every single one of my happy places!!!!

Oh Bank of America, you slay me. I have no arms yet I must thumbprint.


People are stupid. Very stupid.

How to make a mushroom shelf.

People who live in storm drains below Las Vegas. Let’s hope Tim gets a new job before it comes to this! Can you imagine my yarn stash in all that dampness?!

You know those Nigerian scam letters? This takes it to a new level: Hobbit 419.

A church that I would possibly never leave…. because it’s been turned into a stunning bookstore.

Beware the Bearsharktopus

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  1. Dear God, the house is HORRIBLE! For a moment, I thought the pictures were from DIFFERENT houses where the owners had lapses of sanity and chose completely illegal wallcoverings — when I realized it was ALL ONE HOUSE I my jaw nearly hit the edge of my desk.

    I hate wallpaper — with a passion. I’ve scraped so much incorrectly hung, butt-ugly wallpaper off walls it’s become another description of hell. I used to think hell was a library full of nothing but story problem books — now I think it’s equally likely hell is endless wallpapered rooms I have to scrape.

    1. Tee hee hee. And here I thought you’d comment on the tiltshift video! ;-p

      I know what you mean, though — I scraped the wallpaper off in the bathroom of the house where we live now, and… I swear, that was hellish!

      1. The tilt shift is awesome too! Yes! Tilt Shift! But OMG the people… it’s enough to make a misanthrope like me (well, OK, sometime misanthrope, depends on how much chocolate I’ve had) want to avoid the park forever. I haven’t been since I was 14. And that’s a damned long time ago. But my kids are 12 and 9, soon to be 13 and 10. I really ought to go before they’re much older.

        After our last house, I have a serious, knee jerk reaction to wallpaper. (Layers of wallpaper, then paint, then wallpaper, then paint, then a couple more wallpapers, then paint…) Couple that reaction with the total lack of taste and it was just the worst thing I’d seen that day.

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