Brain Dump

Brain Dump

In no particular order….

My studio smells like cat poop. Mama Shitten on a healthy diet for a change is making for some … epic olfactory episodes.

Troublesome has figured out that if he stays inside the studio I won’t bring the dogs over, because he’s dog aggressive. He’s now in the studio all the time. His poops aren’t much more flowery than Mama’s.

I’m in the middle of rearranging my studio, making it more functional, but my god the mess I’m making getting it better!

It was very smart of me to schedule a chiropractic visit the day after GLAM, what with loading my car with ceramics, unloading, unpacking, standing, repacking, reloading the car, and then unloading it again. Yesterday I could barely move.

Am I getting too old do to craft shows?

I need to replace the elements and control box on my kiln.

I started writing a new thing, taking a break from The Unreachable Star for a bit.

I need to go through all the unpainted bisque I have and figure out what to do with it (hold onto it or go ahead and glaze it all right now).

I have things I want to make, handbuild, that I need to shuffle some things around in order to be able to get to (both physically, like, there’s a ton of stuff sitting on my handbuilding table right now, and mentally, like maybe put the unglazed bisque on the back burner for a bit and make some planters and garden markers.

I have been scanning about 300-500 negatives every other night or so, and that might sound like a lot but I feel hardly finished.

I’m itching to start planning my trip to Scotland next year.

My vet’s office finally started seeing exotic pets, so I’m taking the two blind tortoises in next week for beak trims and general checkups.

My studio smells unreasonably like cat poop. Have I mentioned that? I may need to start burning sage. Or incense. Or cats.

I want to take a complete inventory of things I sell at HaldeCraft and make less of the things that I don’t enjoy and more of the things I do. Even if they don’t sell like hotcakes.

But I do need to make some smaller, less expensive things that will sell like hotcakes.

Now I want cake.

My dogs have perhaps one brain cell between them, but I love them unreasonably. Even the one who’s only been here for about two months. These dogs are the best!

I need to do laundry.

I need to sort my mail.

I need to finish my 2022 accounting for work so I can do my taxes (yes, I’ve filed for an extension already).

We close on Barbara’s house on Friday, barring any horrible accidents.

I have a bunch of flowers for my garden and yet want more – fortunately I have room for more, so I can go get some.

I want to ditch the yellow “F Word” mugs, do the last ones that I have in this shape in blue, and then change the shape again. It’s hard when you like a particular shape but that shape isn’t really great/easy for decals, and the point of the mug is the decal….

Yes, the setup with the new scanning gadget made it easier at the craft show this time around, but damn, it was hard to set up. I’m still a little miffed at the whole situation (Shopify discontinuing the usability of the thing I had, with no notice, and having to buy a new $400 gadget) but I will probably be happier with it by the next craft show I do.

I’m thinking about doing Open Houses again, at HaldeCraft, but I don’t have Tim to cook for me and I don’t really want to find a second artist to do a demo, since I might feel pulled in too many directions at once then (feeding people, being social, making sure the demo artist has everything they need). But maybe Open Houses is a bad idea right now, anyway. Maybe towards the holiday season, curated one-on-one shopping events, instead?

My god, if this cat smells this bad on the OUTSIDE, what does she smell like on the INSIDE? Don’t answer that.

I did not get as long a nap as I wanted today, but maybe I can either get a quick second nap before dinner, or just flat out go to bed hilariously early.

We are almost done watching The Librarians in the morning (and my god do I ever want to apologize to Ginny and Sharon – I do NOT remember it being such a terrible show!) and then we are probably going on to Star Trek TOS. Do you know I’ve never seen all of the TOS episodes? I KNOW. Sorry, y’all. Tim was House Star Trek (and so is Jeff). I’m House Star Wars.

OK, I am off to the house to feed the dogs and maybe take a little nap and then scan in a handful of negatives.

xoxo y’all


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  1. If you want to do open house, it might be easier to have it catered. It’s too much to host AND do the food.
    Re Cat Poop – it’s amazing how bad some of them smell. One of my cats is like that- OR she waits to poop til I’m in sight because she like to share with me. Probably the latter.

  2. after a lifetime of cats I know for sure that the best way to deal with catboxes is to NOT use a scented litter of any kind… It just carries the smell farther and a box of baking soda nearby ain’t a bad idee either…
    but more than anything I just want to say how glad I am sure we ALL are to see this post…

  3. Librarians is kind of bad in a good way! I’ve had a good time laughing and complaining about it with you. I just hope Ginny and I haven’t done the same thing to you with TOS…

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