I have entirely too many things to do

I have entirely too many things to do

I have entirely too many things to do, some work, some life, and mostly thinking about them all makes me want to take a nap. But! Look, I did a thing! It was driving me nuts, keeping the leashes and the harnesses on top of the washer and dryer, so I got two hella cute hooks to hang by the back door.

It might not look like much (especially compared to the ungodly amount of things that are NOT done) but it makes me smile so Imma take the win.

Today: post office, Walgreens, Gainesville, chiropractor appointment, Publix, Lowe’s, home, glazing ceramics, outside with the dogs, glazing, outside, glazing, writing a blog post for Patreon, feeding the dogs, outside with the dogs, trying to write a blog post for Snarkland. Let’s see if I get that finished.

Tomorrow: first appointment with my new Primary Care Physician. I’ve been on their waiting list since August or September or so, with an eye on December or January, and finally got a call that they have room and can see me if I’m still interested. Considering that while I did go to my current PCP, the one who I’ve never met because his office is staffed by PAs and RNs (and that is FINE but if you are down as my physician on paperwork I would kind of like to have seen you at SOME POINT in the last two years so that if I’m ever in the hospital or something and you get a call, you’re not like… who? So tomorrow I meet with her and I hope we like each other, and can listen to each other. Hear each other. I’ve heard good things about her office, so… we’ll see. Anyway, after that, working. Firing the kiln, glazing, dyeing yarn, numerous trips outside with the dogs, and maybe I should do some laundry.

Wednesday: work all day. Writing, dyeing yarn, opening and unloading the kiln, glazing more, and I really, really, REALLY need to clean up the floor in my studio office. Dinner in the evening with friends.

Thursday: work all day. Writing, working on ceramics, maybe pulling and pricing with the new bar codes any yarn I want to bring with me to GLAM week after next. Numerous trips outside with the dogs.

Friday: another chiropractic appointment (two this week, as I had a migraine that lasted about ten days off and on and she wants to make sure I stay adjusted). Hopefully firing the kiln. Glazing more, winding yarn, numerous trips outside with the dogs, maybe folding the laundry that I’ll hopefully have time to do earlier in the week.

Saturday: birthday lunch with The Girls! They’re going to be, oh, god, TWENTY. I refuse to believe it. Then home, working, and possibly Jenn coming out to get a crash course in the new POS system I have for GLAM.

Sunday: work all day. I think you can probably guess the routine by now.

But right now? This moment? Hitting “post” and going and snuggling with the dogs on the couch and watching an episode of Andor before I fall asleep.

xoxo y’all

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