More catching up

More catching up

About exactly one year ago, minus about four hours as I’m writing this, I got that phone call. Everything I think I want to say about that night, I said on that post.

I’m writing this on the laptop in the back yard, watching the post-dinner episode of Dog Wrestling Federation Smackdown… I fed them a little early because I need to head out in a few minutes for a family dinner at The Yearling.

So what else?

I have a bunch of confusing new tech for work.

A label printer, and a handheld POS system. I feel like a store again, and I’m not sure I like it…! But apparently Shopify quit updating the app we could use on our phone for in-person sales, and either never said anything or I never saw it because GLAM last December was a nightmare with having to manually type in all credit cards. This is their new ($300 or so) POS handheld good for craft shows. It has my entire shop inventory, runs credit cards (scans, taps, or swipes), and has a bar code reader. Which I’m agreeing to use because although it’s going to be an absolute nightmare for me for the next month to reset everything, it’ll be loads easier for GLAM in April, and again in December, and going forward. Sigh. Technology!

Speaking of technology, I got a new program for making videos for work, and a few new cheap ring lights. I broke out my tripods for my camera, and have the bendy thing for my phone, so … hopefully work videos will be happening on a regular basis soon.

If I ever get any time in the studio again!

But today and yesterday I got some quality time in both the studio and office, and was able to cross off about a dozen half-finished things off my never-ending to-do list. Right now I just kind of still feel irritated about not having time to do other things, but I know that next time I get in my studio (which might not be until after ICFA next week) many tiny annoying things will be done, and I can start fresh with some other things that have been weighing on my mind (mostly the weight coming from “when am I going to be able to make these?!”).

I have other things I wanted to write about, but I need to get these Wrestlemaniacs inside, and get changed for dinner.

Thanks, y’all, for reading. I don’t know how I’m going to feel come 8 PM tonight, and going into tomorrow. It could be anything. I might not be online tomorrow, or I might be nonstop jokes and snark. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!

Love you all. It means so much to me that the things I say, especially about grief and trauma, resonate with so many of you. <3 xoxo

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  1. Love you. Whatever you feel will be right and okay, and you will be okay even if it feels you won’t be. And we all have your back.

  2. Took me a minute to realize POS is Point of Sale. I was wondering why she wanted a system that was a Piece of Shit. Now I see.

  3. I am late on this, love, as I am in the black hole over here without Facebook. I hope you made through the day okay—or as okay as you can be. You’ve been in my thoughts. Sending you much love.

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