I need a personal assistant

I need a personal assistant

What is today? Is it just Thursday…?

Sunday was GLAM. So Saturday I packed everything I hadn’t already packed, and loaded my car. Sunday morning, Jeff put whatever didn’t fit in my car into his truck, and we hied off to GLAM. Jenn met us there, we unloaded the car, unpacked everything, had GLAM, repacked, reloaded the car, and drove home. I was even too tired to go out to dinner (plus, I wanted to get back to the dogs, who were WONDERFUL girls and didn’t poop in the house for the ten hours or so they were alone. Or if they did, they at least ate it so I didn’t have to clean it up). I went to bed as soon as I could after we got home.

Monday I unloaded the car and went back into G’ville for a chiropractic appointment. At first I was like WHAT STUPID FUCKER SCHEDULED ME FOR A CHIROPRACTIC APPOINTMENT THE DAY AFTER GLAM but then I came to my senses when my back was all seized up from loading and unloading the car. That appointment was just what I needed.

Then I came home and tried to get some work done but mostly I had a Craft Show Hangover and stared at the wall while telling myself I should be working. Am I getting too old to do craft shows??? I think I was asleep by 8:30.

Tuesday morning I got up and corralled Tulip into a carrier and took her to the vet for her annual appointment. Then I came home and tried to get some work done but still kind of had a Craft Show Hangover. We had a dinner with some friends in G’ville but I messaged and said we couldn’t make it, I was just so fucking tired and had too much to do. I wound up going to bed at about 8:30 again.

Wednesday I got up and did what work I could talk myself into doing (still tired! dang!) and then that afternoon we went into G’ville for a few errands and to have dinner with friends.

This morning I got up and went into G’ville for a follow-up with my new Primary Care Physician (who I will write a whole post about soon, soon-ish, whenever I can) and that wound up taking about an hour, and it’s an hour away, and I went to Publix, so there was pretty much most of the day. While on the road I got a call from the place I’d called about a low-cost spay for Mama Shitten, and the plans I’d wanted aren’t available for another two months but if I could bring her in tomorrow to a place in Melrose? They could do it then. I hope the kittens don’t starve without her for eight hours. Do I take the kittens in with her? I don’t know. I’m too tired to think about it. They are getting pretty mobile, eyes open and legs working, so I’ll probably just pour out a lot of KMR into a dish and hope for the best. It’s not quite 8 PM as I’m writing this and I can barely keep my eyes open and I’m yawning so much my head feels like a Pez dispenser.

So tomorrow I’m going to get up, and take Mama Shitten to a vet. Then I’m going to go into G’ville and sign the closing paperwork for Barbara’s house. My house. Then I’m going to come back and pick up Mama Shitten. And allegedly get some work done? More like stare at the walls again. Any bets on bedtime?

Saturday and Sunday I don’t have anything on my schedule. Please don’t call me and ask if I want to do anything – I really, really, REALLY need to plant these flowers I bought and also change out the elements and control box for my kiln, so I can fire it.

Monday morning I have another chiropractic appointment and a massage, in G’ville. Tuesday morning I take the two blind torts to the vet – my vet finally hired a person who does exotic animals so I’m excited to get their little beaks trimmed and have them checked on. Tuesday night we have dinner plans with friends in G’ville. Wednesday I have nothing on the schedule and may sit around and look shell-shocked and tired and guilty about being too tired to work. Thursday I have a dentist appointment in G’ville. Friday I have my First Friday Hangout for Patreon.

Y’all. How did I fucking DO IT when I had all this to do and also had a M-F 9-5 job?!?!?! Holy shitballs!

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  1. You need a teleporter so you can beam to and fro upon the earth. That way you’d have time for a nap.

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