A good couple of days

A good couple of days

It’s been a good couple of days. For me, anyway; I hear back home that a tornado pretty much ripped through town between my house and my friend’s house. It doesn’t sound like they had any damage, and That Poor Man has already taken care of everything at our place. I go back tomorrow morning.


Let’s see… hours of laughing with the girls? Accomplished. Cats? Petted. Dogs? Ignored (their dog, which used to be Heath’s dog, is afraid of me. I’m not sure why, it makes me sad, but I try to tell her every time I see her that she is the Best Pupper, and other than that just… hope she one day comes around.) New computer? Bought, and almost everything transferred over. Salads? Made and devoured. Tater tot casseroles? One in the oven as I type this, another one made and devoured a couple of days ago. Writing? About 3000 words, and another few thousand itching to get out. Accounting? Uh, nope, not touched, gonna have a lot of evening work ahead of me when I get home, to get all this done by the end of February. TV watched? Yep. Tried Bridgerton… nope. Tried a series on Netflix called You, it was amazeballs. Watched the new Disney movie, Soul, it was sweet. Knitting? Got some done! Finished the color stripe I was on, which took care of that block, and picked up stitches on the next side… I’m on the second color block of it, and I’m not sure but I think it’s 192 stitches at this point….? Color blocks are def taking longer now.


And when I get back home? Well, first, tomorrow, a side trip to Gainesville on the way home, to get a tattoo. What tattoo, you ask? Well, let me tell you all about it… at some later point. It’s a memorial tattoo, and also a favorite book tattoo, and because I can’t take the girls with me so they can watch me get it, I want them to be the first to see it. So I’ll be posting pictures, yes, but not until they’ve seen all the pictures first.

That’s it, I just wanted to pop off a little blog post, try to prime the pump, as they say, by making a few little blog posts here and there when I can squeak them in. So that this blog doesn’t become, again, only about work. Now that my shoulders and back are feeling less tight, and my brain can think of things other than keeping shit together. Maybe I can gossip a little. I miss gossip, don’t you? Small talk? I think that’s why I’ve been listening to so many podcasts lately. It’s like small talk, but I just have to listen, I don’t have to participate in the conversation. Yet, if I want to say anything, I can post about it, because some of y’all have listened to the same podcasts as well. Oooo, I can not WAIT to see the last two episodes of The Stand, so I can talk about that show and the two podcasts I’ve been listening to, about it.

Anyway. Time to add cheese to the tater tots. Have a good Sunday night, I hope if you’re watching the Superb Owl show that your owl wins!

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