Thursday, Friday, happy days

Thursday, Friday, happy days

Saturday, what a day, rocking all week with you! Whooaaa-whoaaa- no, really, whoa. Nobody needs that earworm this early in the morning.

I’ve had a couple of really good productive days in the studio this week. Yes, I get things done every day, but somehow computer work or getting along in a project but not finishing it never feels very… very much like I have something to crow about. This week, though, I’m seeing tangible things at the end of the day that I didn’t have in the morning, and boy howdy I did not realize how much I needed that. I’ll show off a bunch of pictures next week of all my little clay funtimes.

Someone, I think Anne, was asking if I got that external hard drive working yet. I did and didn’t – it’s empty, and willing to take information, but nothing I’m downloading from the WD site will actually let me set up a function where it’ll automatically back things up. I can’t afford a new one at the moment, so instead I’m just going to be using this on my laptop as if it were a flash drive… manually saving my writing to it at the end of every day. I do NOT want to lose what I’ve done so far with The Unreachable Star, and since I’m no longer using Carbonite for instant cloud backup, I definitely want to make sure I have something external in case anything goes wrong somewhere.

By the way I will neither confirm nor deny that I originally took that photo so that I could actually read the dang P/N number, hahahaha **ahem**

House Girl Moya would like you to know that she is the prettiest jungle cat, a wild warrior princess who is keeping the aloe and spider plants safe from spiders. Also keeping my tub held down in case gravity farts. With her on the edge, that thing ain’t goin’ nowhere. In fact, I’m kind of impressed at how balanced she is…. maybe it’s an even weight distribution on both sides?

OK; I do kind of want to keep writing, but Ranger Amy and the family are coming over today so I need to get some work done before they show up. Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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