Am I bluuuuuuuueeee

Am I bluuuuuuuueeee

I finally have a minute to start glazing these mushroom birdfeeders I’ve been sitting on for weeks, and someone requested some kind of Florida blue mushroom… I googled images, and here’s my color palette:

I think these are going to be fantastic!

Meanwhile, if I can upload a video here… here’s what happens when your decal firing doesn’t get to the right temperature…

So my first thought was that I’d just wipe all that off, wash everything, and put on new decals. But those bowls down there were so tough to put the decals on in the first place (about twenty words, all cut out individually, and placed intentionally) and it turns out that some of the decal did bake in on the bowls, so what I’d have to do is line up all of the new decals perfectly on top of the old decals, and y’all, honestly, it would be less stressful to just pitch these and make new bowls from scratch.

So instead of re-firing decals like I thought I would today, I’m glazing a few other things – a couple of the decal mugs could use some glaze touch-up anyway, so I’ll run them through again. I have social obligations today and tomorrow, and writing obligations Sunday, so I probably won’t be able to finish glazing and get everything fired until mid-week next week. But hey! Those blue mushroom birdfeeders will be part of that glaze firing, so yay!

In other news, Socks would like you to know that he finally heard me in that I didn’t get that new shelf for him, but rather, for things that were on my desk… so he’s moved to a new location. And that is SUPER NOT AWKWARD for me at all. Nope, not one little bit.


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  1. We used to go up to Hoggetown for mushrooms but they weren’t blue…
    Other things, like the sun or the lawn maybe but not the ‘shrooms!
    Look great!

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