Here or there….?

Here or there….?

So, I’ve been thinking about this alllllllllllllll day, while glazing ceramics, and I’m not really any closer to an answer.

I mean, I feel like the simplest thing is to combine blogs, and just go forward with one (and the upcoming Patreon) moving forward.

WordPress even has a really easy way to download all posts/comments/whatever and upload them to another WP blog, so whichever one I delete I can move over before I do that.

But delete Snarkland and move to the HaldeBlog? Or delete the HaldeBlog and move those posts over here?

Snarkland is older and has more of a following, and more to lose if I bork up the transfer.

The HaldeBlog has more storage space and bandwidth.

Snarkland is $8/month (paid monthly), HaldeBlog is $10/month (paid yearly).

Snarkland is more of who I am as a person, but the HaldeBlog goes well with HaldeCraft (and all the other plays on my last name that I do).

Both are run on WordPress, I use the same theme for both, and the same widgets.

Whichever one I cancelled I would probably keep up with redirects for at least six months.

Gah…. can’t decide. Why do I have to be the boss?!?!?!?!

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