So much to do, so little sleep

So much to do, so little sleep

Yesterday’s Jacksonville trip was somewhat successful. I got a few new glazes and a couple of tools and some new clay to try out… but they were out of the clay I usually use, which means I’m going to have to go back in a couple of weeks.

All Brindle wants to do these days is eat wet cat food and lay on my chest. Not my lap; my chest. Which is super awkward if I’m sitting straight up, which, you know, I tend to do. Also, she either can’t or chooses not to retract her claws any more, so she’s always either snagging on something or stabbing me. Sigh. She does seem to be slowly gaining a little weight, though, so that’s good.

The outside boys are getting along really well after getting them fixed. I mean, they already got along in that Wilder no longer ran away and they all three hang out together without howling… but ever since getting them fixed they’re all usually within about 20 feet of each other at all times. And even though the weather has been getting warmer and it’s fine for them to be out at night, sometimes they really prefer to spend the night in the studio. Maybe they don’t like nighttime raccoon visitors…?

First thing I have to do for work today is get yarn club postage done and the packages out. Then I could really use some time to glaze; I was thinking I’d like to fire Thursday but it looks like it might be a Friday firing, but at least then I can open the kiln Saturday as part of the open house, maybe?

Speaking of the open house, there’s only about a thousand and three things I need to get done before then… and I’m tired and cranky because I didn’t sleep well last night — moved to the guest room to get away from the noise of Tim’s snoring, and was taken over by cats and dogs excited to sleep next to a warm human meat sack and so spent the rest of the night surrounded by the noise of cats and dogs cleaning themselves and collars jingling. Maybe I should have stuck with the snoring.

There might be a nap in my day.

Meanwhile, though, there’s work to be done!

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