I feel like I’m going to have this cold for the rest of my life

I feel like I’m going to have this cold for the rest of my life

I’m sick of being sick. I’ve been on-again-off-again sick since JANUARY 3rd. That’s TWO WEEKS. Sweet Zombie Jesus.

It’s been the same sore throat/post nasal drip/sneezing/non-productive cough/snot factory… in varying degrees… for two weeks. Some days I feel almost human, until late in the afternoon, when I start wanting to go to sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and stay there for two days. There will be one day where I feel really and truly crummy. But then I feel a little better, and the next day, better, and I wake up the next morning feeling I’ve gone back in time three days and feel just bad enough to bitch about it. And I think that’s the thing — I’m not so sick that I need everyone to feel sorry for me and for Tim to bring me soup. But I don’t feel great enough to get a lot of work done. I feel just bad enough to want to be really, really shitty and short-tempered.

So I’m saving most of y’all by doing absolutely as little interaction as possible, both in real life and online. Trust me, you’re better off!

Am I laying off the DayQuil/NyQuill too soon? Is that it? Because I take it for two or three days, feel better, and then stop taking it. Hey, then I feel worse! Maybe I should stay on that shit for a week, better-feeling or not. I’m about ready to call my doctor, except that if it is just a cold there’s not much I can do but ride it out. I don’t think it’s the full-on flu, even though I hear that’s been going around town, because I’m not getting a high fever/chills/etc. (Not that I can get a flu shot, with the egg allergy.)

Anyway. There it is. Just sick enough to complain about it. I hate that stage!

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