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On the needlesMy knitting mojo has taken a bit of a vacation. It’s a combination of I’m mostly working on large projects which don’t finish easy, and I’m not feeling the love for any of them.

I’m knitting a pair of socks for a friend, but am worried they’re too tight. Which is not a big deal; if they don’t fit she can send them back and I can rip out and reknit the tight part. But still. This is with yarn I dyed, so I vaguely think of work in the background when I’m working on it.

I’ve got two big cabled sweaters and a heavy poncho on the needles and it’s still far too hot to have that much weight on my lap. All three of these projects are with yarn I dyed, so I vaguely think of work in the background when I’m working on them.

I’ve got a scarf on the loom I need to finish so I can weave some placemats for Tim’s Aunt Cetty and Uncle Joe, but there’s a bunch of stuff piled in front of the loom so I can’t reach it without moving all that stuff and then where am I going to put that stuff? One of the two skeins of yarn is yarn I dyed, so I vaguely think of work in the background when I’m working on it.

I’ve got a backup plain sock in case we ever go to a movie again, but it looks like that’s not going to happen in this year so I might as well finish it. This is with yarn I dyed, so I vaguely think of work in the background when I’m working on it.

I have a sock that … well, I want to be vague about this (which means don’t ask for more details because I won’t give them); but I got an accusatory, vitriol-filled jump-to-conclusionary letter from someone about how they assumed I was representing the sock pattern, and even though I was able to use logic and the truth to, as a friend said, “sink their battleship,” I haven’t been able to look at the yarn since then because it just puts me right back in that conversation. So that’s going in an opaque bag for a few years of time out. Maybe I’ll stuff it in with my Simple Knitted Bodice. Ugh. It’s also with yarn I dyed, so (wait for it….) I have been vaguely thinking about work when I’ve worked on it.

I have a sweater blocking now that’s taking forever to dry in this humidity but all it needs are buttons and it’s done. I’ve even already worn it once, unblocked and sans buttons. One of the yarns I in the sweater is a yarn I dyed, so GUESS WHAT. I think you know the drill by now.

I want to start a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend, and two socks for two other friends, but I’m having that match-up anxiety I sometimes get over perfect yarn/project pairing for which person. The person getting the gloves chose yarn I dyed, so…. Yeah.

Yesterday I was in that place where I wanted to work on something, but didn’t want to work on anything I have on the needles, and wasn’t particularly excited about starting one of my “in the queue” projects.

So I broke out a book that Aunt Gay got me for my birthday, and some yarn that IS NOT YARN I DYED, and have started a completely unrelated to work and not anything I need to be doing project. If you are on Ravelry, the pattern is Lycaena virgaureae Sock by Hunter Hammersen from The Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet, Volume II. You can buy the single sock pattern for a few bucks, but there are great patterns all in that book. The yarn, if you’re curious, is Madeline Tosh Sock in “Parchment.”  It is my lovely, lovely precious!

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  1. I am happy you got a non work related project you can work on when the mood strikes. That should get the knitting mojo back in action somewhat I bet!

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