We sure do like ice cream

Caramel trilogyY’all must think we practically live at the ice cream shop.

Truth is that this visit was instigated by needing to hand off some things to another friend, and Sweet Dreams is a great meeting spot as it’s pretty much smack in the middle of town. Also, it’s about the only ice cream I can eat these days that doesn’t set off my allergies. Stupid egg allergies! It’s not even that I like and miss eggs all that much — the only way I liked to eat eggs was scrambled, hard. But I do miss not having a small allergic reaction every time I eat something that has egg in it. Sigh.


Mmmmm. Ice cream.

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  1. Back when my dad & I were touring national parks out west, he made a point to find the local ice cream stand/shop after a day of hiking (and sometimes after a day of driving, too). There’s something to be said for relaxing with >insert your favorite flavor< after a day hiking in the sun …
    So you'll get no judgement from me about a nice cold creamy treat.

  2. MMM, Sweet Dreams ice cream. When Joe and I were biking across the country, we tried not to miss any ice cream places. Didn’t miss any doughnut places, either. Maybe that’s why we biked 3000 miles and didn’t lose any weight… Love, Aunt Gay

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