Dork vegetable humor

Hee hee hee

Get it? Hee hee hee.

I had sold some of my personal yarn stash and had money just sitting in my PayPal account, begging to be turned into the Joss Whedon Woot shirt the other day. I like to periodically check the Reckoning section just in case, and sure enough, the artichoke shirt I’d had my eye on was still there (it has since fallen off the list). I’d been thinking about it periodically ever since seeing it about a month ago, and since my general rule of thumb when it’s something I WANT but not something I NEED is to look at it and not buy it, wait a few weeks, and if I am still thinking about it, THEN buy it. I was still thinking about it, and now it is in my hot little hands! Just the guffaws I got from people at the grocery store yesterday made it totally worth the $15. Tee hee hee. Artichokey! Get it?!?! (Also, artichokes are my favorite vegetable, and I could happily eat them every day — also I am not allergic to them, HOOOOORAY!)

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