Boo! Yay!

Good times; good times. OH WAIT.BOO!

Here we have Tim’s car, being jumped by my car. Last week he’d gotten his car towed to Billy’s; it wouldn’t start. He was pretty sure it was the starter, but it might be the battery. Billy said pretty much the same thing. The battery didn’t appear to be too old, but he’d go ahead and replace it anyway (a new battery is a lot cheaper than a new starter). And he could always replace the starter if it turned out a new batter wasn’t going to cut it. So. Yeah. He’ll be getting another tow later today.

Sunset and the sound of crickets YAY!

After that we went to dinner at Chopstix. The food was good, the weather was drying off (it had been raining all day — which was fun for Tim, walking home in it). The water level is still high, as it appears all the rain we’ve been having has filled that sinkhole that the water was rushing into.

That was pretty much my day yesterday, other than wrapping soap… which I am planning on doing for a good portion of today as well. I totally borked my Halloween soap — in retrospect, I think I made way too much of it. Ah well. If it doesn’t sell, it does keep! I can always store it in all my copious space here in my gigantic house until next year (or, maybe I’ll put soap on sale later in August).

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