Saturday, May 5th

Whadda you lookin' atI thought a few times about taking my photo of the day yesterday, but who wants a photo of me cleaning out and organizing my packing supply closet?! So here’s a picture of a frog I took …. er… about six years ago. From the archives! Blast from the past! Deja vu!

Yesterday was quiet. I cleaned a lot of greenware, glazed some bisque (I’m now two Fridays behind in glaze firings, and one Monday behind, sigh), and as I mentioned above, cleaned out and organized my packing supply closet. Sharon just gave me some packing supplies that she’d had left over from Hanks, so I had to get everything to squish in.

Today is catching up on email, pre-blogging a few things, filing receipts, packing orders from the weekend to mail out tomorrow (er, tomorrow’s not a postal holiday, is it?), and later tonight … Game of Thrones! I’ve had two nights of good, solid, eight-hours of sleep. If I get one or two more, I may start feeling human again. Wheee!


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